Sometimes I find my thoughts passing through in a shape of short films. I look at something and imagine a scene as if it’s being played out right in front of me. What I love about film is how it offers so many possibilities and perspectives when filming and even more in the post-production stages. I can sit still editing films for a crazy amount of hours without even noticing my basic human needs shouting for attention! 🙂 The excitement never gets old, despite the fact that there are so many hours, days, weeks being invested in the shortest of films. I credit my video art under The Madhouse Collective, as it always involves other people, mostly friends and family, whose creativity has inspired me so far.

A series of short films
I | alone

After a recent breakup and a self-imposed isolation from the world, a young woman starts to cherish her time alone and the opportunity to get to know who she really is, no boyfriends around to define her the way they always had in the past. Truly alone for the first time in eight years, she feels empowered and in control of her own life. But as she celebrates her freedom, loneliness becomes overbearing, inviting fear and painful memories back into her life. This is an intimate portrayal of one woman’s healing journey from unnerving isolation to total acceptance of life as it is.